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Best Service in Explosives

Located in Winder, Georgia, Powderman Products has been delivering the highest quality experience with ultra-fast shipping and a dedicated personal relationship with our customers.

  • Quality - Three Vans, Three Emulsion Pump Trucks, One Bulk ANFO Truck constantly maintained to ensure your delivery times are low and service is top-notch.
  • Licensed - With licenses, permits and the required insurance and a fleet approved by the Department of Transportation, Powderman Products is the safest and most reliable supplier in Georgia.
  • Experienced - Since 2003, Powderman Products has delivered our high quality products, no hassle delivery and competitive pricing to some of the biggest explosives users in the world, including government agencies and private companies.

Meet our team


JoAnna Gilmore


Since 2005, JoAnna has been providing value to Powderman Products. Now with the role of managing day-to-day operations, she not only ensures all regulations and licenses are up to date, she also keeps up to date with the industry to ensure Powderman Products is always innovating. She is also a member of the ISEE Peach-State chapter, ISEE and International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators.

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Powderman Products has been supplying product and preforming shot services, including blasting, for clients from small businesses to large corporations to government agencies.

Powderman Products has worked with, and completely impressed, private companies and government agencies. We have worked with companies in the construction drilling and blasting industry as well as the quarry and mining industry. We have also worked with companies in Pyrotechnics and Special Effects. Our government agency client lists include S.W.A.T., Bomb Squads, EOD and K9 Units.

Product Delivery

Powderman Products delivers higher quality product than our competitors and we deliver it quicker, at better prices.

Shot Service

Powderman Products offers unmatchable shot service, including blasting.


We own and operate an ANFO manufacturing site, ensuring quality and safety of our product.


We have a world-class fleet of trucks and vans, leading to faster delivery and higher bang for your buck.

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